Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tiling Grout

The builder sent me out to Sumner Park to choose a grout colour for the floor tiles. I had originally said to him that I just wanted white, but he insisted I go out and have a look myself and I'm glad he did. There were probably 24 colours and white would have been way too light for the look I was after.

The colour I chose was "Buff". I've put the tile on the right side to compare and this one is definitely the closest.

The floor tile is a rectified porcelain, which will have about a 3mm grout, so hopefully, it will all look seamless.


  1. Your tiles look similar to mine, but my builder and tilers made me go with GREY. I was horrified and wanted white too, but they say it goes yellow and yukkky and looks dirty, whereas the grey doesn't.

    I wasn't really convinced .. but 4yrs on ... I think they were right! :)

    1. Arrrgh really? Bugger! The grout has already been ordered and delivered :-(

      The lady at the tile place had a spray can of "sealant" of some sort which she said would protect it. I didn't get the name of it though because I wasn't going to buy it until I was ready to put it on. I hope it's going to be OK!