Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cabinetry Follow Up

Had a site meeting with the builder and cabinet maker on site on Saturday to run over a few cabinetry issues that have been worrying me of late. I'm confident most of them are resolved or at least addressed.

I wrote in a previous post that I was worried that the island bench looked like it was too far to the right and the space looked unbalanced, but I took advice from h&b and took some photos from a different angle and I feel much better about it now.

The cabinetry in the main bathroom and ensuite was supposed to look symmetrical even though cabinet on the right is one large pull out drawer. I thought you could just put a fake faceplate on it, but because of angle of the pull outs they wouldn't look they match. It was good lesson in communication because somewhere along the line we were lost in translation. It will have to stay like this :-(.

The gaps between these panels were supposed to be 15mm but when they were put in they just looked to wide to me and indeedy they 2mm (size does matter ;-P). To me they looked clunky and basically looked like a bit of a mistake. They were supposed to be a subtle difference. Anyway, to rectify, we've reduced them even further to 10mm. I'm happy with this outcome.


  1. lol Karina - happy to help :)

    Meanwhile, i've been having my own kitchen meltdowns of a similar kind this week, and lo & behold .. yours looks pretty much what i'm after .. so i'll be watching this space closely yet :D


    1. Ohhh the kitchen meltdown! I know it well! I also have a matching tile and painting meltdowns ;-P

      I'm still waiting on the benchtops to be delivered...

      Keep us in the loop on your kitchen :-)