Friday, January 18, 2013

Found a pendant for the dining room...finally!

The dining room pendant was the last on my lighting list and the one I struggled with the most. I'd originally fallen in love with the David Trubridge Coral Pendant, but even with my lovely contacts, it was still going to be over $400 and at the moment, the budget is just too close.

I've been searching for something cheaper for a long time and finally I found it - this Marakesh Pendant from Andrew's Light Up Australia. I just love the simplicity of the design with its three strips of timber around a white cylinder.

The David Trubridge Coral Pendant Lamp I REALLY wanted...but I can't justify the $400+ price tag.

This is what I bought. It was 25% off so down to $97. Much more reasonable.

We are about 4-5 weeks away from completion so I think the electrician will be installing these pretty soon. I'm pretty excited and very happy with this choice. I might set this pendant quite low over the table to make the dining atmosphere more intimate.

Does anyone have any more advice?

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