Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Timber Flooring Installation - Day Two

Progress is going VERY slowly. I don't think the installers realised how many fiddly wardrobes, architraves and corners they would have to cut into. They are doing a stellar job though and taking their time to do it properly. Lucio said he would need at least another day. Lucky I'm paying per square metre and not per hour!

I'm in a dilemma about which way to run the floorboards on the bottom level. If I run them the same direction as the top floor, then they will run perpendicular to the stair treads. This originally looked a bit strange to me, but perhaps only because I hadn't really seen them run this way before.

Running them parallel with the stair treads look better to me...but it's a bit hard to tell with just a couple of boards.

Running it "horizontal" would match with the outside portico, but is that a necessity? I put it to the flooring installer who said it doesn't matter but he thinks it looks better horizontally. Then I put it to Jansen the builder who said you should always run the boards the same way upstairs and downstairs, and that running them perpendicular didn't look weird at all.

None of that helped in my decision. What do you think?


  1. I lay mine according to the width/length of the house...

    If you house is a 'normal' long house .. ie.. from the front door it runs lengthwise to the back of house .. then you lay the boards to lead out.

    If your house is more ranch side ( ie: wide and a shorter distance to the backyard ) .. then laying across is best.

    I have owned and renovated both types of house, and IMO this works and looks best.