Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bathroom Dilemma - Tiles (Part 3)

I finally made a firm decision on the bathroom tiles. Ta-dah!! This is the selection. The super white tile is the wall tile and one with the fleck is the floor tile. The little sample on top is the cabinetry colour.

I thought this would be the end of it, BUUUUUUT no!

I wanted 300mm x 600mm on the floor so it looks as seamless as possible. It seems though that there is the same issue I was having with the timber look tiles being too long for the fall in bathroom and they will need to be cut. Actually, worse still he was saying they will need to be cut and laid on a 45 degree angle near the drain. It would have been OK if there was one of those long grates, but that needed to be designed from the beginning and definitely decided on before the waterproofing went down. He said it would be much better to use a 300mm x 300mm square tiles, which I definitely DIDN'T want.

This issue has been long and protracted and starting to get me down.

I don't know what to do. Should I just use the 300mm x 300mm tile as suggested and just put it down to experience, or use the 300mm x 600mm and have smaller tiles around the fall of the drain.


Close up of the floor tiles. I do love them. They look like stone but are a rectified porcelain


  1. We went with 300x300 tiles for the same reason. I really wouldn't mix and match the tile sizes on the floor. In the shower I might, mosaic versions would look fantastic, but in the middle of the bathroom just around the drain might look a bit odd. But that's just me.


    1. Hi B :-)

      Yes, I think you're right. Do you have pics on your blog somewhere of your bathroom with these tiles?


  2. Nice floor tile Karina! On first glance I thought it was stone, looks very similar to Essa Stone Sorbet :) I think this will look lovely, and fairly forgiving for you.

    Do you have a shower screen to your shower?

    Kirty x

    1. Hi Kirty! Yes, I was hoping it would look like stone! I ended up going for the 300mm x 300mm like B's. There is a shower screen to the shower, hopefully if it's within budget I will get frameless :-) xx