Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stairs are in!

Yaaay the stairs are in!! Hallelujah! I have spent weeks climbing up and down a ladder to get to the upper floor and in heels and sometimes a dress (I usually go before or after work) I have to tell you, it's not easy.

I chose Kwila for the timber, which was a step up from the standard Durian and I think it's come up nicely. They still have to put a clear coat on it but that won't be until towards the very end.

The only dampener on this is that it's not designed as I had originally intended. Above is how I'd originally planned for the staircase to be - open to the ceiling. I didn't even realise until the plasterboard went up on the wall enclosing the staircase as it's hard to read on the plans. But the design of my house compared to the design of this is a little different as mine has the reading nook at the top of the stairs. This means that wall is a load bearing. I decided that it wasn't worth losing the value add of a study nook for the sake of an open staircase.