Friday, December 21, 2012

Pendants Over Breakfast Bar (Part 2)

Last week I was concerned about the size of the pendants over the breakfast bar. I had always intended to get the silver Ikea foto pendants which are about 28cm wide, but when I was there to buy them I saw these gorgeous white ones which looked like better quality. The only thing is they are 35cms which I thought might be slightly too big.

Now that the cabinetry is in, I don't have to speculate. I put them on the bench to have a look but...I still can't decide.

So I've deferred to anyone who will listen and opinion is divided.

Those in the yay say it looks slightly "industrial" and makes a statement, but not too bold as the white blends in with the rest of the kitchen.

Those in the nay say it looks too big and the white is too insipid against the rest of the kitchen and the silver smaller ones would be more suitable.

I'm really stuck with this one. I'm leaning towards thinking they may be slightly too big, but perhaps if they were up high and not too low down on the bench it will look OK. The quality of these white ones is much better than the silver Foto ones, as they just look like flimsy painted plastic when you look close up.


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  1. Everyone on Decorating Forum is voting for silver!