Monday, December 3, 2012

Choices to Make - Architraves and Skirtings

The builder has sent an email with a list of the latest selections I have to make. First up is architraves and skirtings. These are the choices I have.

It's a bit hard to visualise it just from these photos, but because the house is contemporary, I'm tossing up between Single Bevel Arch and Dar Square Dressed, leaning more towards Single Bevel Arch.

To be honest, this latest phase has been a little stressful. All of a sudden I need to make selections on things with little time to research. I work for a project builder and all of these decisions (tiles, architraves, paint etc) are all either pre-selected or you have a session with an interior designer BEFORE building starts to make all these decisions. I feel a little like I'm making decisions on the fly.


  1. Those would be my two choices, as well, Karina! I think the former would come out on top for me.


    1. Hey M!!

      Yep, agreed, am gonna go for the single bevel arch!! The lovely Kirty showed me some samples in the showroom downstairs. She also said that the DAR Square Dressed could look like a piece of timber just nailed to the wall. Very good point. T'is very handy having a interior designer downstairs. xx