Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Wardrobe Dilemma

Image from Multi-Store and Bunnings

I can't believe we're up to fit out stage and I haven't finalised (or really even given much thought) to the wardrobes. Originally I was just going to ask the builder to leave all the spaces bare and I would "design" and create all the cabinetry myself. Then I went to Ikea and saw how expensive the inserts were. The building contract included a full length top shelf, 3 side shelves and a single rail so I thought I would at least get them to do that and perhaps I could retro fit it later with all my fancy drawers and shoe racks when I was a little more financial. All the bedroom cupboards have a single cupboard door and two double opening doors.

Image from Multi-Store
Mum needs to build in a wardrobe in her bedroom too so I tagged along on a trip to Bunnings and saw these inserts from Multi-Store that can go straight in around the existing cabinetry or if I get them early enough the builder could probably build around them. It's really only the drawers I'm concerned about. I like having drawers for underwear and socks as opposed to shelves, especially high shelves as they tend to get very messy. The "Econo 515" is the one I think would work behind the single wardrobe door. It's $360 from Bunnings...not the cheapest, especially if I need to get 5 (will put 2 in the walk in wardrobe), but I think that will still be a fairly cheap and effective option in the long run.

Image from Multi-Store

The other option is the Maxi 450 which is only $219 and would also work...but I don't think as well as the first option.