Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Wardrobe Dilemma

Image from Multi-Store and Bunnings

I can't believe we're up to fit out stage and I haven't finalised (or really even given much thought) to the wardrobes. Originally I was just going to ask the builder to leave all the spaces bare and I would "design" and create all the cabinetry myself. Then I went to Ikea and saw how expensive the inserts were. The building contract included a full length top shelf, 3 side shelves and a single rail so I thought I would at least get them to do that and perhaps I could retro fit it later with all my fancy drawers and shoe racks when I was a little more financial. All the bedroom cupboards have a single cupboard door and two double opening doors.

Image from Multi-Store
Mum needs to build in a wardrobe in her bedroom too so I tagged along on a trip to Bunnings and saw these inserts from Multi-Store that can go straight in around the existing cabinetry or if I get them early enough the builder could probably build around them. It's really only the drawers I'm concerned about. I like having drawers for underwear and socks as opposed to shelves, especially high shelves as they tend to get very messy. The "Econo 515" is the one I think would work behind the single wardrobe door. It's $360 from Bunnings...not the cheapest, especially if I need to get 5 (will put 2 in the walk in wardrobe), but I think that will still be a fairly cheap and effective option in the long run.

Image from Multi-Store

The other option is the Maxi 450 which is only $219 and would also work...but I don't think as well as the first option.


  1. Have you asked your builder to quote drawers and shelving? We had Stegbar do our walk-in robe and I'm so pleased with it. I gave them a sketch of what I wanted and they tweaked it to suit their standard modules. It worked out cheaper as they were also doing our robe doors, shower screens, mirrors and glass splashback anyway. It's always worth an ask :)

    Kirty x

    1. That's a great idea! The building quote just includes 3 shelves and a single hanging rail. The builder is just making it out of melamine so I'll ask him how much it would be just for the extra drawers xx