Sunday, December 2, 2012

Entrance Art

The internal plastering has started and the interior is really starting to take shape to the point I can really start planning and dreaming about decorating.

This is the ground floor entrance. The void on the right is where the staircase is. There is a flat panel where the entrance to the storage under the stairs is and I would like to put a little hall table, maybe with a lamp and a piece of art. I like this Marrimekko print and have superimposed it on there (do I have too much time on my hands or what?).

These were my other choices:

Missoni Wall Canvas

Tram Sign

Marimekko Wall Canvas

Marimekko Wall Canvas

Which one do you like? xx


  1. Awesome - I love plaster time!!!

    As for the artwork, I'm a bit of a sucker for a tram scroll. I think that would be a great option for welcoming people into your home. I do love the blue Marimekko, though - perhaps it could find a home upstairs??


    1. Ohhh I love a tram scroll too M! I actually have loads of places for artwork upstairs (and downstairs). I've never previously put artwork or fabric canvases up, only photos, but I'm obsessed by it at the moment.

      I have a large panel at the top of the stairs that needs some art as well as panels in the bathroom, each bedroom, living room, dining room and guest room. So....any suggestions you have are welcome!! xx

  2. what about adding abit of Asian culture, haven't seen any blog, post or pins...
    dragon or lion sculpture to guard the entrance, jade Buddha or gold fish for good fortune etc...

  3. Ahhh yeah I love dragons and buddhas, I have them in my childhood home! The theme for this home though is more "modern retro" with a Scandinavian / Danish style. I really like the simplicity and neutral colours of them.

    I am very interested though in feng shui and would love some goldfish and jade plants. Do you know of any good websites that could guide me on that? xx