Monday, December 10, 2012

Bathroom Dilemmas - Cabinetry

This bathroom was the inspiration for the original cabinetry. Timber look door fronts with  white stone bench tops in the background of white tiles. Just beautiful right?

Sadly the door front covers weren't available and the bathroom is actually a lot smaller than I had anticipated. So, to make the space seem bigger, we decided to make all the cabinetry white and chose Formica Snowdrift Gloss Plus.

I hesitated on this decision for ages because I couldn't visualise how it would look in my mind and like the issue I'm having with the tiles, I'd chosen the colours long ago and find it difficult to then go back and choose something else.

Because I'm finding it hard to visualise, this is what I'm afraid it will look like. Not that there's anything wrong with this, it's just not the look I was after for the bathroom. My bathroom is a little different in that it has stone benchtops, no handles and is wall hung so doesn't have these feet. So definitely won't look exactly like this, but I still worry.

I found this pic on this website though which I think is more along the lines of how my bathroom is designed. This appeals to me much more and I'm hoping it will look more like this.

Do you think it will look like this?


  1. The vanity you've selected looks great, but I think the semi recessed basin part makes it look traditional, whereas the bathrooms you like are more contemporary?

    It will look great none the less! :)

    I am a lover of white floating vanities though.


    1. Ohh do you think they look traditional? To be honest, if I had my time again I would probably just use completely recessed basins. The semi recessed take up a lot of depth and I don't have much to spare in that bathroom. xx

  2. There are more modern semi recessed basins for a contemporary feel. Your vanity will look much like the 2nd picture. A gorgeous alternative:)
    I will post a picture of the vanity I am thinking of on the Decorating Forum for you:)