Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 160 - Breakfast Bar Pendant Lights Are Up!

The pendant lights are up and I'll concede, I think you guys were right. The silver lights would probably have been better. These white ones just don't look quite right - what do you think?

Maybe once the splashback has gone in and all that crap on the bench is gone and everything is cleaned up with some accessories it will be a bit better. In the meantime it kinda just has no impact.

Maybe they're too big? Or is there just too much white in the space? I can't really work it out and I couldn't turn the lights on either as they hadn't been connected yet. I'll leave it for now and then when everything's done I'll work out whether I should change it.

This is what it looks like from the kitchen facing out. They feel a little bit too big...I think. Ohhh, I hate second guessing myself!!


  1. yeah too much white I think. Can you exchange them for another colour?

    1. No...that style only came in one colour. I would have to get an electrician back in to change it to something completely different, right? I might have to leave it for a bit while I get the house finished and then see how my budget is a little down the track :-(

  2. Stay strong! I think they will look great once all your furniture is in ....unless thats all white too!