Saturday, February 9, 2013

The ongoing saga of the stone benchtops

Main bathroom. Bit hard to photograph the right angle but it's 2mm-3mm short on either side

No really, you are NOT going to believe this...

I went back to site early yesterday morning to check that the stone benchtops (which had previously been too long) were now corrected and reinstalled.

Now they are too short!


It was obvious to me as soon as I walked in. The benchtop in the main bathroom is about 3mm short on either end and about 1mm-2mm on either end in the ensuite.

I gave my builder "the look" and he just shook his head and said, "I know". Again, he said they didn't take the templates, but this time didn't even measure up and when they installed it and realised it was too short, he said told them "mate, you need to call the owner." That was the day before and I didn't hear a peep from anyone.

Very disappointing.

When I did get hold of , I asked why they didn't take the templates AGAIN or measure up and he said "someone said it was just 20mm too big". I said "no, I emailed that the cabinets were APPROXIMATELY 20mm too big," assuming they would at least be measured or taken from the template.

Further, he went on to blame my builder, saying he should have let the installers know exactly what I wanted while they were there, as they were "just installers" and what would they know. He even said it was like my builder had just "condemned the job and wanted it to fail." This upset me a lot as it's the farthest from the truth and the builder has nothing to do with this part of the job as they allowed me to source my own stone. Also, I'm just never one for the blame game. I accept responsibility when things go wrong and rather than just give excuses I find solutions and just fix things. I expect the same from people I work with and especially people I hire.

I also brought up with them the incorrect stone size in the vanity outside the toilet. I asked for that to be corrected as I should never have compromised on that.

The cabinetry in the main bathroom was also damaged when they removed the stone benchtops the first time.

This whole saga is seriously starting to wear me down.

Having said that, he was agreeable to meet me on site to sort it out and said they were measure and have me sign off on it.

Fingers crossed.

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