Monday, February 25, 2013

The Rear View

I had the grass cut (finally) the other day after probably five months and while it looked sooo much neater, it made the house seem even higher than it already looked, especially from the back.

The depth of the land is 50 metres and over that area is a fall to the back of about 2 metres. So at the back of the house, the height from the land to the top of the roof is almost 11 metres. That is an astounding height when you consider that before the flood you had to get a relaxation to go higher than 8.5 metres.

There's been two ideas tossed around:

1. Run a flying fox from the balcony to the fence.
2. Put a climbing wall on the rear downstairs panel.

Of course those ideas were from the boys. Let's just get the house built first hey guys?

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