Friday, February 15, 2013

Front Door Colour

My original plan was to have a "white house". White inside and out. While most of the house is like there, I'm beginning to realise that it makes it quite two dimensional and a bit boring, so I'm slowly coming round to the idea of adding a little subtle colour.

The door hasn't yet been painted and originally it was to be Dulux "White on White" like the rest of the house, just in gloss. But now I'm considering a grey to match the pillars at the front of the house.

The two main pillars on either side of the garage are going to be Dulux "Grey Pail". I could match the front door to this, but maybe even considering something a little darker in grey.

I don't want the door to be the main focal point of the house, but I do think a darker grey would look good, especially with the long feature handle.

Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. the atmosphere in your entryway, I suggest you opt for pastel colors, like baby pink, peach, aqua, light blue and jade green. Those colors are easy on the eyes and can easily match the white walls of your home. So, have you decided what color to paint your door with? -Francisco Close

  2. Francisco Close is right! You should opt for more pastel colors, but avoid the color white. Your house is on the side of the road and is more prone to dust and dirt, it'll be dirty white in no time. Haha!

  3. The color of your door absolutely in contrast with color of the entire house. Dark colors could work because it can also blend with the color of the walls. By the way, you can also add a screen door in the front. It can keep the dust from the road away.