Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sweetest Valentine's Day Present Ever!

I can't tell you how devastated I was when the garden was destroyed during the flood and during demolition. I had a beautiful mock orange hedge, star jasmine vine on a frame, gardenias, magnolias and agapanthus.  It was a gorgeous, fragrant garden and I loved it.

Weirdly it wasn't the flood which destroyed the majority of it as I only lost a couple of magnolias and gardenias, it was the demolition that caused the most damage.

The hedge and surrounding garden unfortunately were directly where the new house was going and being so large there was little chance of relocating them. I managed to pull out all the agapanthus and relocate them to a friend's place, where they look awesome, but the rest were just destroyed. Heartbreaking.

This Valentine's Day though I was given these two Singapore Frangipanis, which may seem odd to you, but is incredibly romantic and thoughtful to me. They are just gorgeous!

This are my first plants for the new house. I will probably transfer them into pots and put them on the front and rear balconies.

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  1. Frangipanis! <3

    Not odd at all - anyone who buys me a plant has my heart :)