Saturday, February 23, 2013

Exterior Colours - Love/Hate

Front Door - "Simone Weil" Dulux Colour

Garage Door - "White on White" Dulux Colour

The painters have finished the exterior painting and it's a split love/hate on the colours.

I LOVE the "Simone Weil" colour on the front door. It's a gorgeous dove grey and once the large handle goes back on I think it will look spectacular. It's highlighted by the "White on White" of the rest of the house, the kwila hardwood timber rails and decking and stainless steel wire balustrades. Awesome combo! Love it!!

The garage door is just the same as the rest of the house - Dulux "White on White" just in a gloss. Eventually it won't be seen from the front as I'll enclose the garage, but in the meantime it just blends in with the rest of the house so the highlight is on the front door.

Laundry Door - "White on White" Dulux Colour

Front Pillars - "Grey Pail" Dulux

The laundry door is also White on White in gloss (I can tell this is going to be sooo hard to keep clean!). I'm glad we chose this door, the window in it lets in loads of light and as there's no wall window in the laundry this is essential.

I HATE the "Grey Pail" colour on the pillars. HATE IT!!! It looks green and doesn't match the door at all. I'm not sure what to do...I wonder how much it would be to change it?


  1. If you do it yourself, about $100 and a weekend??? I'd use the door colour and go quarter strength...

    1. $100 isn't too bad, would def be more exy if I got the painters to do it. Will be first job up after we move in cause I think it will drive me crazy!!

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