Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grey Pail *FAIL*

I didn't think I was going crazy! At least not over this paint colour. This is the Dulux Grey Pail sample colour sheet the pillars were SUPPOSED to be in front of the pillars and the icky colour it actually is! A colour I detest! It's like an icky snot green.

I'm 110% sure they've used the wrong colour. I guess they'll have to come back and redo it.


  1. I think i'm so clever!! I worked out what happened, and I can almost 100% guarantee it's a mix up of words at the paint store - THAT, m'dear .. is PALE GREEN TEA ( sounds like GREY PAIL /PALE ) doesn't it !??!?

    I love being a sleuth! :D

    1. BEST SLEUTH EVER! That's the exact colour!! Mystery solved! I'm emailing the builder as we speak...

    2. Karina, were you right is that the wrong color??