Sunday, February 17, 2013

Downstairs Guest Bathroom Vanity

The Omvivo Neo 700 vanity in the downstairs guest bathroom has been installed and it's a beauty!! I love it!!

The builder hates it!!

In his words, it was a "bitch to install and a bitch to keep clean!" You can actually see how dirty it is. He also said it's easily scratched and there's only a screw keeping it in. So for any guests I have, no hanky panky on the vanity OK or it will probably just fall off.

The builder wants to put a tile around the left hand side and there's still the taps and chrome bottle trap to install to complete the look.

This bathroom is pretty teeny so we went for a very minimalist look with this. There's no cabinetry or shelving but there is a linen press just outside.

Am meeting with the rep from Stegbar tomorrow about the shower screens. The countdown has begun...

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