Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ladder or Rail?

The freestanding bath is in its final place and the mixer taps in place. It looks perfect!! Just as intended. The only thing left now is the towel ladder that was go to behind the head of the bath along the wall.

It's really hard to find a rounded bar towel ladder that's not heated, believe it or not. There were lots of square ones and loads of heated ones, but I just wanted a plain one with maybe 4 or 5 rails.

Then last night when I was watching "The Block Bathroom Reveal",  I saw Phil and Amity's single rails on top of each other. A simple idea, but looked fabulous! Now all I needed was to find a single round towel rail that didn't have a plate at the end.

This Sussex Pol Single Towel Rail would be perfect! I could probably get away with just three rows at the end of the bath.

PS: I love The Block!

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