Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stone Benchtop Meeting

Just an update on my meeting with the stone benchtop supplier after the benchtops were first installed too long and then installed too short.

Both my builders were on site to meet with their operations supervisor and the general manager. The operations manager spent way too much time trying to measure up millimetre for millimetre the cabinetry with the benchtops, which seemed pointless to me considering it was obvious to everyone in the room that they were too short (or in the case of the benchtop outside the toilet, too long).

He also spent way too much time measuring the templates that weren't used, which was also pointless considering the templates were never taken. Even if they were incorrect, it was still a moot point.

After much to-ing and fro-ing from him on whether the templates were correct or not and who's fault it was, the general manager stepped in and said, "Stop - let me do the talking. We'll replace the benchtops and cover the cost of retiling."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you keep a customer happy. Super simple stuff.

It's really only the benchtop in the main bathroom that will need to be replaced. The one in the ensuite is about 1mm short on either side and on the advice of my builder I've decided to let that one pass. He thinks more damage will be done trying to remove the tiles around it and re-waterproofing and re-tiling.

Benchtop outside toilet - 20mm too long

With the benchtop outside the toilet, instead of removing the benchtop and cutting they will simply move the cabinetry forward the extra 20mm. Smart suggestion actually, one none of us had thought of. There will still be some labour involved, but much less than if we had to pull the stone out.

While I would have preferred for all of this not to have happened, it's the best outcome under the circumstances and the general manager definitely handled it in the most appropriate way.

Of course we'll wait until it's completed until we close this chapter, but I'm quietly hopeful.

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